Wordpress Advanced

Following on from our Introduction to WordPress training course, our WordPress advanced course digs deeper into the native capabilities of WordPress, as well as to examine the wide variety of plugins available that can greatly enhance the capabilities of your WordPress driven website. From improving and expanding on the SEO capabilities of your site by way of specialised SEO plugins, we also examine how WordPress can be used as a social media engine and a shopping cart ecommerce solution, as well as to cover many suggestions and recommendations regarding how you can greatly improve your WordPress functionality, security and performance.

Exploring the greater capabilities of WordPress in a variety of different guises, this course teaches you how to use WordPress as a powerful shopping cart solution, using one of a number of plugins to integrate a product database with a payment gateway provider such as PayPal, allowing businesses of any size and circumstance to quickly and easily harness WordPress as a tool for selling their products and services directly. In addition to shopping carts, WordPress can also be used as a social media engine, allowing the setup and management of community based websites with far greater control than those available via Facebook or LinkedIn. Both of these subjects are explored in depth during the course.

In addition to the above, this course also highlights a variety of specialised methods and techniques enabling you to better manage, maintain and refine your WordPress website: from eliminating duplicate posts and disabling visitor comments to backing up your WordPress data and improving many of the default functions of WordPress, this course offers an intensive and comprehensive guide, designed to ensure that your WordPress website functions efficiently.

Finally, and most importantly, our hands on design module shows you how to create WordPress themes using the powerful new theme design software Artisteer. From creating original and inspiring themes of your own, to how to emulate and adapt existing HTML templates into WordPress themes is covered in detail, ensuring that you are well on the way to mastering this powerful and versatile website publishing platform.


Deeper into WordPress

  • WordPress roles and how best to manage them
  • Setting up custom panels
  • Adding and displaying custom fields
  • Customising your navigation
  • Understanding pings and trackbacks
  • Caching for better performance

WordPress and SEO

  • Refining the standard settings in WordPress for SEO
  • Permalinks and Sitemaps in more depth
  • The best SEO plugins
  • Content writing with SEO in mind
  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Affiliate networks and partner sites

WordPress and Social Media

  • Social Media Plugins for WordPress
  • Integrating Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn into WordPress
  • Turning WordPress into a community website with BuddyPress
  • Custom profile filters for user registration
  • The art of moderating users
  • Walled gardens and private networks
  • Using RSS and Feedburner to spread the word

WordPress Shopping Carts

  • What you need to know about Ecommerce
  • Paypal plugins
  • Shopping cart plugins
  • Setting up and configuring E-commerce plugins
  • Back-end administration systems

WordPress for YouTube video & media

  • Embedding YouTube videos
  • YouTube plugins for WordPress
  • Integration with other video sites
  • Integration with Flickr and other photo sites
  • Banner rotators, adverts and slideshow plugins

WordPress Theme Design Techniques

  • Using free, trial and paid-for themes
  • The power of Artisteer
  • Creating a template in Artisteer
  • Designing your backgrounds, sheet, content and widgets
  • Choosing fonts and setting up hyperlinks
  • Customising your headers and footers
  • Publishing your Artisteer template

WordPress tips and tricks

  • Posting to your blog using email
  • Setting up scheduled postings with CRON
  • Disabling autosave and revisions to improve performance
  • Removing duplicate posts
  • Removing visitor comments options
  • More about the .htaccess file and how to use it
  • Improving the default WordPress search
  • Improving your WordPress website security
  • Backing up your WordPress data



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Antoinette Franco


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