Why Us?

All of our tutors are constantly being supervised by their area manager. Any complaints are taken in a very serious matter. If you have any complaints, fill in our contact form and we will make sure it gets sorted out in the most appropriate way. Our tutors receive bonuses depending on how happy you, the client is. So if you think our tutors did a great job, let us know and we will make sure they get rewarded.

We cater for everybody from old age homes to people with disabilities. We try our best to accomodate our students. If you are a company and would like to educate your staff members so that they are more efficient in what they do, we can make it happen. Corporate training is our game.

We care about our students and would like you to succeed in life. We are firm believers in education and what it can do for you as an individual or to the growth of your company.

Our staff members are all accredited in their necessary fields. They are also trained on how to train students and groups of all types. We are ready to handle any kind of training. We send our staff on regular training as there are always updates and changes to computer programs and other fields of IT training. We make sure that we always stay in touch with the latest technologies.

Customised training is no problem for us. If you already know Microsoft Word and simply require Advanced Excel, we can cater for this. If you require something specific that is not available on our course list, we will try our best to create a custom course for you. We also have a big amount of outsourced staff complementing our tutors for busy times or for courses that are out of our reach.

We go the extra mile for our students. We have taught companies over weekends as they were not able to lose business during the week. We have given emergency customized training to companies in order to finish urgent presentations.

We have all the right equipment. We have laptops, projectors with screens and anything necessary to be able to give our students the best possible learning experience. We have trained from 1 student to over 50 people in specialized conference training.


"Private Training Institute has sucessfully taught my son C++ programming from scratch and he is now writing his own programs."
Antoinette Franco


"Your tutors successfully taught 3 of our car company staff how to use Excel and Outlook. Very happy with your services."
Seuntjie Botha