Apple Macbook Course

We offer easy Apple Mac training that actually makes sense. With us you can learn how to use a Mac with quick and east step by step instructions. Since Apple is getting ever more popular thanks to their innovative approach, more and more people use them. Most people who come from a Windows environment are actually scared of using a Macbook and actually "drag their names through the mud" on many occasions.

We will teach you how to know your way around your Macbook and even teach you some tips and tricks that only experts know. Our Macbook course will cover the following topics:

Navigating the Mac Interface
Connection devices to your Macbook and transferring files
Using the most common standard applications that come with your Mac
Connecting to the Internet
Wifi connectivity
How to use Windows on your Mac
Downloading and installing / uninstalling applications
Working with the Taskbar
Basic Troubleshooting
Tricks of the trade

Course Duration: 1 Full Day or 2 half day courses
Cost: R1950 including travel to premises + certification
We bring our Macbook along as well to assist with training


"Private Training Institute has sucessfully taught my son C++ programming from scratch and he is now writing his own programs."
Antoinette Franco


"Your tutors successfully taught 3 of our car company staff how to use Excel and Outlook. Very happy with your services."
Seuntjie Botha