Google Adwords and PPC Training

Many searches for information about products and buying decisions begin with searches on one of the major search engines; however achieving a position at or near the top of the ‘organic’ rankings can take time and often requires a large investment of time and energy. Pay-per-Click (PPC) can bring profitable results much more quickly by providing an instant source of targeted traffic, who are in active buying mode.

This one-day training course provides a practical introduction to Google Adwords and Pay-per-Click and teaches you how to set up a campaign, measure the results, stay in control of the budget, and refine your campaign to ensure a the best return on your investment.

How will I benefit?

  • On completion of this course you'll be able to
    Set-up, run, manage and enhance your own Google AdWords PPC campaign
    Deliver visible results without wasting money
    Drive new business to your website


What will I learn?

  • Understand Search Engine results pages
  • Increase sales and profit instantly with Pay-per-Click
  • Build campaigns the right way, which will drive sales and enquiries to your business profitably
  • Use Google AdWords and Google Analytics
  • How to use Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing to compliment your Google Adwords campaig

Course Outline

  • Understanding search engine results pages (SERPs) - organic / sponsored links
    Where PPC fits with other online marketing activities (search engine optimisation, social media, email, blogging, etc)
    PPC campaign structure (campaigns, ad groups, keywords)
    Keyword matching options (broad, phrase, exact, negative)
    Advert options (text, display, video, local)
    Advert placement (search network / content network)
    Keyword and competitor research
    Google AdWords Quality Score - its impact on the auction
    AdWords Policies (trademark / acceptable use / prohibited items)
    Conversion tracking
    Tracking and improving performance - traffic vs conversions
    Tools (AdWords Editor)
    Google Analytics (installing tracking code / understanding results / tracking exact keywords)



"Private Training Institute has sucessfully taught my son C++ programming from scratch and he is now writing his own programs."
Antoinette Franco


"Your tutors successfully taught 3 of our car company staff how to use Excel and Outlook. Very happy with your services."
Seuntjie Botha