About Us

We are a group of 20+ teachers allocated on standby to teach anybody from how to use a computer, advanced graphics design and programming. Our staff members have all the necessary qualifications i.e. our Office trainers have all got MOUS certification and our networking and internet teachers have MSCE certification.

We started out quite humbly doing only private training. Our main thing is still being focused on providing the best training possible for your situation. We still do believe in Private One on One training but now have expanded to provide group training as well. Our group training the way that it is being taught, can in a way be called "Private Computer Training" because of the way we do things. We make sure that we choose groups of people that are on a very similar level. The members of the group that need extra training will be booked for a private session perhaps before or after the initial group lesson to make sure they are on the same level.

So if you are looking for top-notch private training or group training that is as close as possible to private training, contact us to find out which option is better for you. You will not be disappointed.


01 Step one would be to setup a meeting with us to analyse your existing skills and work out a roadmap to your final goal set. We have done many years of assessments and are confident that we will lead you in the right direction.
02 The next step would be to begin your training after both you and our tutors are convinced that you are taking the best path for your needs. Training can also be done at your own pace or to accommodate special needs.


"Private Training Institute has sucessfully taught my son C++ programming from scratch and he is now writing his own programs."
Antoinette Franco


"Your tutors successfully taught 3 of our car company staff how to use Excel and Outlook. Very happy with your services."
Seuntjie Botha